Photographs from Edgmond Village Hall's hugely popular Afternoon Teas.  Every Tuesday 1pm until 5pm.


Some photographs of recent events held at Edgmond Village Hall by Clare's Inspired Parties.  Checkout Clare's website for more information:

Photographs from a recent wedding at Edgmond Village Hall.  EVH Committee members would like to wish the happy couple every happiness and thank them for choosing EVH as their wedding venue.

'Lost the Plot' at Edgmond Village Hall.  With thanks to everyone for making the evening such a great success!

Village Hall Christmas Fair 2015

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Defibrillator & Training

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Due to the hard work of the Edgmond Rural Community Initiative and supporting organisations and individuals, Edgmond village hall will be fitted with a defibrillator in January.
The defibrillator will be mounted externally for use in an emergency. 
A telephone activation service will enable individuals to access the defibrillator safely in an emergency.

We need as many people as possible to receive training and all are eligible to volunteer so please put your name forward.

Defibrillator Training will take place on Sunday 18th January 9am-1pm

The defibrillator and training is being supplied free of charge by West Midlands NHS Ambulance Trust.
The cost of the installation and weather proof enclosure  has been donated in the main by individuals and also by Henshalls and Temperton & Temperton.
The location and underwriting of  future running costs is currently from the village hall management committee. 
The parish Council are in the process of considering whether future costs might be within their gift but no commitment has been received as yet.


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Petition & Questionnaire

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As a result of the disputed vote to sell the village hall field and move the village hall over the road on to the sports field, Edgmond village residents were encouraged to complete a questionnaire asking their opinion on what they would like to see done with the village hall  and where.

The questionnaire and petition could be filled out via the Friends of Edgmond Village Hall website and by paper copy available by request and posted through doors and made available in the Village shop. The website and the paper copies cross referenced the ability to participate online and via a paper copy if preferred.

The village was informed of the questionnaire with several  different posters through out the village, several leaflets posted through their doors and actual questionnaires posted through doors (not everybody received a paper questionnaire due to time constraints and the proximity of the Edgmond Village Hall Management Committee AGM and election).

The results and any statistics quoted are from the percentages of those people  who responded to the questionnaire. The statistics have  varied a little  according to when and how many responses were totalled and also whether Edgmond only residents are considered or responses from the wider area included.  The results below are from the wider area. 
(Edgmond residents only results show higher levels of support for the questions.

Paper & Online responses Combined Results

Would you like to see Edgmond have a new or refurbished village hall? 86%
Would you like to see a new or refurbished village hall on the existing site? 88%
Would you like to see the village hall field remain a green space 98%
Fundraising Support for:-
One off donation 31%
recurring payment 12%
help with fund raising 46%
Petition - In support of further consultation before any sale of land is attempted 95%
Total questionnaire respondents                 141
Total petition respondents                             284                                                                                  


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'New' somehow seems to sound better but this is rarely true when it comes to buildings.  It is the old buildings that we develop an affection for, that conjure up memories and help us identify with our surroundings. By failing to fully investigate all the Village Hall proposal alternatives we risk throwing away a part of Edgmond history that we won' be able to get back once its gone.

Edgmond Village Hall was worked for and paid for by dedicated villagers. Surely if we value the Village Hall we can work together to raise funds if necessary and renovate, extend or rebuild in part or in whole.

We don't need 100% of the  solution today or tomorrow or even next year. But if we have a plan to bring the Edgmond Village Hall up to the standard requested by its users and we have the support of Edgmond inhabitants it must be better than pushing forward a proposal that clearly does not have the backing of the majority of Edgmond.

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