The Village Hall field has been a long standing part of the Village Hall provision to the community and is much valued by Parishioners and the Management Committee alike.

The field is used for exercise, camping out, games of all sorts and there is a tradition of summer fêtes/carnivals that many villagers would like to revive to the extent of past events.

Many decades ago it was used for lawn tennis and we currently have a proposal for a Petanque/Boules terrain under consideration.

In recent months, a variety of tree species have been documented and a management program for the trees and the grounds has been put in place with much appreciated voluntary contributions from Harper Adams, Alan Foster and his willing band of helpers plus donations of several mowers to assist with getting it all in to shape.

The management committee is keen to make maximum use of the field.

This will be done by improving safety for children, maintaining the field in a presentable, usable condition and by arranging events that make full use of this resource.

Ready access from the building to the field is included in the range of proposals for the future of the village hall so that hall users can see out on to the field and can venture out on to it from the hall's rooms as appropriate.