Field Room

The Field Room is an ingenious means of addressing the usability of existing rooms. In its simplest form it is a corridor connecting Room 2 to the WC's and the Main Hall to the Kitchen without occupants of either room being disturbed by their neighbours.

In a wider sense the field room adds an attractive rear entrance and turns an unattractive aspect in to a very pleasing one.

The Field Room also provides a new space that can be used as a Pavilion for sports on the field, and to serve teas and refreshments. It could also be used as a lettable room or additional space to the main hall when bookings of other rooms allow.

The anticipated cost of the Field Room and associated modifications is £30-40k.

Coupled with a Hall refurbishment, the Field Room would satisfy updating of the village hall and addressing most issues for around £70-80k.

The Field Room is compatible with the building of Stage 1 extension rebuild