Refurbishing the Village Hall

Edgmond Village Hall has won praise from its user groups for being well run, well maintained and for being one of the better halls for hire in the area.

It has a large main hall with a wooden floor ideal for sports and fitness sessions and dancing.

Parts of the hall are are now 100 years old and date from origins as an early 20th century military building.

A Structural engineer has assessed the structure noting that it is in good resilient condition and that the building has been able to survive as well as it has by virtue of being able to 'breathe'. Refurbishment should take this into consideration.

Movement has occurred over the years although none is evident in recent decades.

Our challenge, if the main hall is to be kept, is to update the building to modern standards while retaining the character of the original structure.

The hall condition report from May 2014 details a number of deficiencies. These are addressable at relatively modest cost. Further improvements are listed in the refurbishment schedule below.

Refurbishment items:

  1. Clad building exterior with 1" feather edge oak planks, breather membrane & mineral wool insulation to reduce energy loss 75%, & reduce sound transmission.

  2. Line ceiling sections with multi-foil insulation and finish with fire retardant fabric panels - to reduce energy loss 75%

  3. New Snooker Room floor

  4. Ventilate - add/improve mechanical extract to WC's, Kitchen, Room 2. fit door closers to toilet entrance doors to restrict airflow out in to main hall.

  5. Roof Windows - Install to Room 2, Main Hall to brighten aspect (particularly Room 2 and to provide natural ventilation

  6. Heating - Install pre-heat control to warm rooms prior to occupation, trial fit high level radiant heaters to clear walls of heater cages.

  7. Adjustable wall wash/ceiling lighting suited to evening functions.

  8. New curtains

  9. Decorate throughout exposing timber panelling where appropriate.

  10. Refit kitchen - new moveable kitchen units, new worktops and preparation tables, improved storage, wider access door and lower window cills for improved visibility to field.

A budget cost for the above is £31k

A further provisional sum of £7k is allowed for professional cooking apparatus.

This needs to be of sufficient quality for professional use to support external caterers and marquee held functions but will be used occasionally so could be sourced as 'good condition' used potentially at lower cost.

The above measures address most concerns of users excepting usability of rooms. This is essentially access to the kitchen, bar and toilets when adjacent rooms have been booked.

The proposals 'Field Room' and 'Extension/Stage 1 Rebuild' address the usability issue.

Refurbishment above coupled with the Field Room or Stage 1 rebuild or both, provide a package of measures that would meet user needs of the hall and its associated rooms.

Want to see the Building Condition Survey in full?

Click the attachment link below to view the document: