New Extension

Following consultation on the needs of the local community and village hall users, your management committee has now completed an extension to the village hall.

The extension, located to the rear of the existing hall, is linked via a short corridor and provides 2 meeting rooms roughly equivalent to the current room 2 and room 3 plus a new kitchen and toilets. The new rooms are capable of being joined together for medium sized functions and room 2 and the kitchen will have doors to enable servicing of events held on the field which is being kept in tip-top condition so generously by our team of volunteers, Harper Adams and Edgmond Landscapes.

£95,000 towards the cost of the build was awarded from the Community Pride Fund by Telford & Wrekin Council. The remainder came from operating surpluses generated by the Events team plus help and donations form local companies, organisations and individuals.

During consultation, the concept of a Field Room was very popular and so the proposals for which we seek your further help in raising funds incorporates a stage 2 where we build the Field Room to link the new with the old. This already has planning approval. The Field Room will provide a light and airy room that can be used in its own right for functions but will also act as a spacious entrance and access point to the field. It will of course make the perfect link between the new facilities and the familiar charm of the existing hall.

You may have noticed that the outside of the Village Hall has recently received a coat of paint. This is to keep it looking smart and to keep the fabric in good condition while we get ready for stage 3 which will be to renew internal and external cladding and make other improvement to the main hall.

The new additions will free up space and provide the option of increased storage for regular user groups. We intend to run the old with the new for some time so that we can assess demand for rooms and make plans to convert the old rooms 2 and 3 and kitchen to storage and/or extra facilities such as a lounge or bar.

So to sum up, a lot of work has gone in to getting this far and you will see some much needed improvements to the existing structure in the coming months.

Thank you for all your support so far and please keep it coming. We will need all the help we can get to see the project through to the complete and sympathetic refurbishment and renewal of your village hall.

Your Village Hall Committee

You may download the drawings for the new building and also the new building as it will be linked to the existing village hall using the links below.