Petition & Questionnaire

Post date: 15-May-2014 16:08:00

As a result of the disputed vote to sell the village hall field and move the village hall over the road on to the sports field, Edgmond village residents were encouraged to complete a questionnaire asking their opinion on what they would like to see done with the village hall and where.

The questionnaire and petition could be filled out via the Friends of Edgmond Village Hall website and by paper copy available by request and posted through doors and made available in the Village shop. The website and the paper copies cross referenced the ability to participate online and via a paper copy if preferred.

The village was informed of the questionnaire with several different posters through out the village, several leaflets posted through their doors and actual questionnaires posted through doors (not everybody received a paper questionnaire due to time constraints and the proximity of the Edgmond Village Hall Management Committee AGM and election).

The results and any statistics quoted are from the percentages of those people who responded to the questionnaire. The statistics have varied a little according to when and how many responses were totalled and also whether Edgmond only residents are considered or responses from the wider area included. The results below are from the wider area.

(Edgmond residents only results show higher levels of support for the questions.