Future of the Village Hall

You will be aware that proposals for a new village hall have been 'in the air' since early 2014. The elected Trustees promised at the AGM to put a range of options on the table for consideration.

That process has now completed and we are pleased to have gained planning permission for a new building to the rear(phase 1) joined to the main building by a corridor.

General refurbishment of the existing main hall will take place as funds allow.

A Field Room (phase 2) will be built when funds allow.


The village hall's primary purpose is the provision of a meeting place for the community. This is actually quite a price sensitive activity and requires income from other sources if the building is to be kept up to date and in good condition.

The land and buildings and any other assets have been protected by a Trust deed and it is the duty of the Trustees to protect these assets for the continued benefit of the community.

  • Assets cannot simply be sold for cash.

  • If assets are sold then they must be replaced by an at-least equivalent asset.

  • The future value of assets must be considered before disposal.

In this context, sale of land for building, as previously proposed, would be difficult to justify if other means of financing refurbishment / rebuilding were possible.


With the much appreciated energy and support of villagers the Management Committee is pleased to announce that due to a healthy events programme, the Village Hall is projecting a profit on activities for the year.

Profits and reserves along with match funded grants could be worth between £36k and £111k over the next 5 years.

Edgmond Village Hall

Registered Charity 810315

Our Mission

To ensure the continued provision of a village hall and field for the use of the people of Edgmond Parish (the Area of Benefit) and bearing in mind the needs and support of people beyond the area of benefit so long as these do not conflict with the needs and wishes of the people of Edgmond Parish.

To use good design, consultation and discussion and to renew the village hall in a way that maximises the recreational potential of the village hall field in to the day to day activities of hall users.

The Field

We would welcome your views on any aspects of the running or improvement of Edgmond Village Hall Contact