Post date: 14-May-2014 13:07:25

'New' somehow seems to sound better but this is rarely true when it comes to buildings. It is the old buildings that we develop an affection for, that conjure up memories and help us identify with our surroundings. By failing to fully investigate all the Village Hall proposal alternatives we risk throwing away a part of Edgmond history that we won' be able to get back once its gone.

Edgmond Village Hall was worked for and paid for by dedicated villagers. Surely if we value the Village Hall we can work together to raise funds if necessary and renovate, extend or rebuild in part or in whole.

We don't need 100% of the solution today or tomorrow or even next year. But if we have a plan to bring the Edgmond Village Hall up to the standard requested by its users and we have the support of Edgmond inhabitants it must be better than pushing forward a proposal that clearly does not have the backing of the majority of Edgmond.